The Magician Tarot Card 4x6 Print

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The Magician represents self manifestation. You have the ability to construct anything you put your mind to. You already have all of the necessary tools to accomplish what you are seeking. Use the resources around you to make your goals fruition.

Keyword: Manifestation

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Number: 1


Our framed prints are perfect for anyone that wants to switch up the vibe in their home with a pinch of spooky aesthetic. We source the finest wood from Sweden and maintain a highly optimized manufacturing process to keep all of our framed prints consistent. We print our artwork on thick high quality paper to provide a true black and white contrast that compliments the tone of the frame. Our framed prints come with a thin plastic to protect the artwork and have a black card board backing with an extendable foot for table top display. We highly recommend these in sets of (3) as presents for your spooky friends, family members, or significant others.


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