Hermit Patch

Hermit Patch

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These patches are printed on quality canvas cotton which is perfect for stitching onto any type of jacket. We have left excess fabric on the edges of the design for your framing or stitching needs.  We are keeping this as a limited run so make sure to get your patch today before they run out!

The Hermit stands alone in the midst of self-reflection using solitude to his greatest advantage. Embracing solitude can relieve emotional imbalances and rejuvenate self-worth because we belong only to ourselves. Searching one's soul may often surface the clarity needed to discover their unknowns. Withdrawing from society allows the mind to wander and return to its naturally peaceful state, free of societal demands. The tarot design is one of the most empowering in our collection and suggests taking advantage of our times of solitude whether they are scarce or in abundance. 


Design is on a cloth of approximately 23h x 16w and the design is 20h x 11.5w.