The End Patch

The End Patch

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These patches are printed on quality canvas cotton which is perfect for stitching onto any type of jacket. We have left excess fabric on the edges of the design for your framing or stitching needs.  We are keeping this as a limited run so make sure to get your patch today before they run out!

The End is our version of the classic Judgement tarot card. Knowing the end may be near, there should be a carelessness of consequence in all actions hereon. This design encourages a "live as if it’s your last" outlook in regards to never holding back. “Why the stupid bunny-suit?” “Why the stupid man-suit?” The end is always near. One can dwell in despair of unanswerable questions or thrive in happiness with the realization of living your last moments to the fullest. 


Design is on a cloth of approximately 23h x 16w and the design is 20h x 11.5w.